Why PitchLink is not MailChimp! (Or Infusionsoft!)

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The sales technology stack can be broadly divided into email campaigning tools (primarily lead generation), marketing automation, CRM, Sales Enablement, Various synchronous pitching tools (like Webex or Go-to-meeting), Usage tracking/ Analytics et all. Over the next few posts I will try to explain where we think PitchLink fits into your Sales Tech Stack.

Is PitchLink a lead generation tool?

The initial exposure to PitchLink left a few users wondering – How can you send your pitch to thousands of cold prospects like what you do with tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft and other similar email automation applications?

Well the simple answer is – you can’t!

PitchLink was built to solve a very specific problem – that of getting over the challenge of getting the first face to face meeting with your prospect. In the current sales process this meeting is the one where you introduce your prospect to your product or service, complete personalised need discovery process and initiate a conversation which should ideally lead to a sale. As we all know, getting a prospect from ‘interest to a P.O.’ is a complex and often unsuccessful process. And there could be multiple reasons why an interest or a pitch will not result in a sale. But that is not the point. The point is, while tools like Mailchimp and Infusionsoft starts your process of outbound sales with the expressed intention of identifying prospects, PitchLink comes in when you know who this prospect is and in turn this prospect knows that you (your company) exists (through your mail / drip campaigns and possibly some opt-in offers).

Your marketing team tracks engagement and moves the prospects through the sales funnel and once qualified, the lead is handed over to the sales team for making that great first pitch, which will be the beginning of the journey which will hopefully end in a sale. Or better still – many future sales.

PitchLink helps you send your structured story or pitch to your prospect, exactly the same way you would narrate it face-to-face, without demanding his scheduled time where she doesn’t have a clear idea of what to expect in return. PitchLink is one of the first sales tools of the coming era of ‘Zero interruption selling’. The prospect can view your pitch at a time or place of her choice and decide to engage, get clarification and additional information without getting into an exchange of mails or downloading huge attachments. Her unique ‘PitchLink’ becomes the anchor for this specific conversation which can now evolve organically without the typical logistical and complexity overload. The prospect can, at her own pace and time, come to the conclusion of moving towards a ‘buy’ decision without the usual social pressures of in your face selling.