….. and PitchLink is born


From a napkin sketch on the 3rd February 2016 to our shiny new Sales Pitching tool – PitchLink. It’s alive and kickin’ today.

Is there a sense of elation? Of expectation for praise for a job well done? Of fear of rejection and failure? Of the unknown (this is our first SAAS product)? Of users flocking to us and the server crashing? Of the good feeling and adrenalin that pumps with the crash? Well it is all of these and more. It’s like writing a new novel or making a new film.

What does tomorrow hold for us? For PitchLink?

Now you will be able to sign in using an invite ( if you need one write to me – ss@pitchlink.in or submit your mail id on our Home page) and simplify your pitching process dramatically.

We wanted to change a lot.  And we have strong views on how SAAS products should be – in terms of pricing,  simplicity, transparency, and in the way users are treated and asked to interact with or learn about software products.

We wondered why customers should pay to set up or learn how to use a product when they are paying for it in the first place?’

We wondered why customers get pushed into the higher tier just because they exceeded the quota by a small margin?

Why indeed? With PitchLink we have ensured that issues such as these never dampen your experience. And be sure to use the 90 days of free trial of the full featured product. (That’s right- 14 days just doesn’t cut it in our reckoning.) We want you to have enough time to deep dive into PitchLink.

We looked around and found incredible companies grow in front of us from nothing, their stories inspiring us to believe that we can build a product that will be used and loved by people all over the world. Something that will make life easy and meaningful. We tried to imbibe all of it here, in PitchLink. I am incredibly proud of our team. Everyone worked incredibly hard over the past several months to make PitchLink happen. You will find them in the About Us page. Take a look and say Hi.

Finally it’s in your hands. Take it for a spin or push its limits. But do talk to us. Write, mail. Know at all times we are here. Waiting to hear from you. Waiting to make this the best first experience of using a new tool you ever had!

See you in the inside. And have a great 2017!

Subhanjan, Founder.

Bangalore, India.

P.S. If you like what you see, please refer us to your friends and your 90 day free full featured trial can get extended to 365 days.


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